Monday, September 18, 2006

Real Estate as No Exit by Sartre

A friend of mine says that living with a house on the market is about as fun as having the stomach flu.

We are actually having a very easy time of it compared to the horror stories I keep hearing. Having a house on the market does seem to compel people to tell horror stories. I imagine it's a little like being pregnant, since it seems to me that when someone is pregnant, people tell horrible labor stories. "And my sister-in-law's best friend's ex-husband's second wife was in labor for twenty-seven hours but she thought it was just bad back pain and then she gave birth in the living room and the baby had two heads! But I'm sure you'll be fine."

Unfortunately, I have a couple of close friends who have first hand less-than-delightful real estate stories.

I am consoling myself through baking. I went to Michelle Swiniarsky's for dinner (actually, I called Michelle at work and begged her to let me bring my husband and two dogs over, offering to bring Chinese, because we had to be out of the house for four hours on a rainy evening for showings) and Michelle served us the most incredible brownies known to man. They are made with Scharfen Berger chocolate. I made them for a picnic on Saturday and they disappeared almost immediately. I think I'll make them again today.


Blogger Gavin said...

I can resend our address if you have too many brownies. You know, if you double the batch and don't quite know why or something like that.

Best recently: a farmstand brownie with dried cherries (not the sweet kind).

September 18, 2006 3:16 PM  
Blogger Maureen McHugh said...

Oh Gavin, this is at the other end of the scale. 8 oz of Schrfen Berger in the mix. It barely qualifies as Not Just Chocolate. But dried cherries sound pretty good...

September 18, 2006 5:35 PM  
Blogger SquidgePa said...

Brownies are tasty. Any chance of posting the recipe? We're blazing new trails in chili making, ourselves.

Selling a home is a drag, but it can be offset by touring lots of unusual homes at your destination. Have you run across anything really crazy yet, either from the "School of Strange Home Design" or "Decorating Gone Bad"?

September 18, 2006 8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real Estate agents keep coming by and trying to sell our house so the market must be good, right?

(Our house isn't for sale...)

September 18, 2006 11:20 PM  
Blogger Erin O'Brien said...

Selling your house sucks cock.

September 19, 2006 4:59 AM  
Blogger mary grimm said...

I'd also like to hear the recipe.
I just made brownies with Sch-Ber chocolate, plus dried apricots and chopped crystallized ginger that even D said were pretty good. (He doesn't like his chocolate to be adulterated, usually.)

September 19, 2006 9:13 AM  
Blogger Maureen McHugh said...

The brownie recipe is at and I'm sending a batch to work with Bob today. (He's spending a lot of time working at a manufacturing house his company uses and they have chocolate out. We are just paying back.)

September 19, 2006 9:51 AM  

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