Thursday, March 10, 2005

Chemo Day #8

I've noticed that I get short of breath rather faster than I used to, and for the last week, I've run a low fever in the afternoon and evening. So this morning I went to Cleveland Clinic for a chest x-ray and pulmonary tests. When I got to radiology they didn't have any orders for me, but hey, I guess people don't wander in off the street very often demanding chest x-rays so they didn't even call my doctor, they just did one and said they'll read it and send up the films. My pulmonary test was scheduled for 11:00 which threatened my one chance to have Bob drive me to my chemo this afternoon. (I drive myself there and then Bob picks me up and we have to go back and get my car on Friday evening. I'm usually feeling under the weather on Friday evening so I hate this.) But pulmonary took me at 10:30 and did a lot of high tech breathing exams that left me winded and coughing and sent me home by ten of eleven, well in time for Bob to pick me up. (He has a half day off today for a doctor's appointment of his own.)

I suspect we have just brought the considerable resources of the Cleveland Clinic to bear on detecting...

...a chest cold.

But I will let you all know tomorrow.


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