Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas in the Suburbs

Adam comes home from school today--if the snow allows it. The commute in to work is apparently a disaster.

Bob's reaction to all the stress has been to decorate the house for Christmas. We bought Christmas tree lights that you can program, and we bought about twice as many as we needed for the tree. I have ornaments from my family and Bob has ornaments from his and we put most of them up. From a design point of view, the result may be...excessive. But from the festivity point of view, it's pretty fabulous.

This morning, in the shower, a more than usual clump of hair in the drain. All I could think is that soon I wouldn't have to worry about shaving my legs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Believe me, the drive to Becky's would have compromised your immune system further. It was not the worst I've seen, but I was really glad Geoff was driving.

Does your doctor have anything to say about the effect of light on immune function? I've just discovered some articles saying that insomnia in babies and the elderly can be curbed by sunlight exposure during the day. I also have read a lot of other material on the effect of light on health: melatonin production, Seasonal Affective Disorder, incidence of illness in people on swing or night shift etc. There was even an article that claimed that people exposed to UV in tanning booths showed elevated mood.

So maybe your doctor is suggesting that going out is helpful not just psychologically, but from a physical standpoint.

Sunlight is good for you, in other words. (Sounds like my grandmother talking.)

December 20, 2004 11:13 AM  
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