Sunday, November 05, 2006

Leaving Austin

World Fantasy is over, and now we have to go back to Ohio so we can move to Austin. Of course, it feels rather perverse to leave Austin to move to Austin, especially since Bob and I are both in that after convention fugue state of extreme tiredness. On the other hand, it's so exciting. And we'll be back by the end of the week, this time for good. I'm certain that in just a couple of weeks I will be able to drive down the road without noticing every FOR SALE sign on the street. In other words, I am moving out of the head space entitled 'Real Estate' and into some other headspace, which will probably be 'Where is the drug store?' Or grocery, or dentist, or hardware store or any other place you can think of.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats Maureen!

And as far as finding the drug store, etc. Google Maps Business Locator is your friend, even though it doesn't list EVERY single restaurant near the house. ;)


November 05, 2006 2:28 PM  
Blogger Beth Adele said...


November 05, 2006 5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely pix, Maureen. As to being a Texan. You can be a naturalized Texan, but--of course--you have to be born there, sorry. :-)to be a real native, Texan.

Laura, Texas-born (first generation) working on being a naturalized Ohio citizen now

November 05, 2006 9:06 PM  

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